FOP XML Hyphenation Patterns

FOP XML Hyphenation Patterns

The project ‘Objects For Formatting Objects’ (OFFO) hosts hyphenation pattern files in the XML format used by the Formatting Object Processor Apache Fop.

These hyphenation patterns are based on the TeX hyphenation patterns hosted on CTAN and obtained from them by direct conversion (conversion script). The names of the patterns have been changed so that they work better with FOP.

All included hyphenation patterns are listed along with some properties in the languages info file

The hyphenation patterns come with various Open Source licenses, which are listed in the source files.

The download page contains the following packages:

the hyphenation pattern files in FOP XML format (installation instructions)
the hyphenation pattern files compiled for FOP 1.1 and higher. (installation instructions)

The installation instructions can also be found as the file installation.html in each package.

Version history

Version 1.1 (06 November 2008): Added Swedish hyphenation patterns

Version 1.2 (20 November 2008): Added Latin hyphenation patterns

Version 2.0 (01 November 2010): TeX UTF-8 hyphenation patterns.

Version 2.1 (01 January 2014): Updated TeX UTF-8 hyphenation patterns.

Version 2.2 (22 February 2016): Updated TeX UTF-8 hyphenation patterns. Added patterns for languages Occitan (oc) and Classical Latin (la_CL).